Ambassador Area

Here’s how it works:


  • Click the Ambassador’s link at the bottom of any page on our site.
  • Complete the form to register as a new affiliate (Ambassador).
  • Your request will be reviewed. We may contact you if we have additional questions.
  • Once approved, you will be notified by email.


  • You will be assigned a discount code.
  • Whenever anyone uses your code to make a purchase, two things will happen;
  1. the customer using the code will receive a discount on their purchase (based on our agreement)
  2. the Ambassador who was assigned the code will receive a 20% commission
  • Commission will be paid to Ambassadors on the 15th of every month for all sales made in the prior month to allow time for refunds and charge backs.
  • Ambassadors can review their current sales & stats at any time by logging in to the Ambassador area.